Another Year Wiser


It was my birthday yesterday, and what a year it has been. While I'm reluctant to shout out to cyberspace I've burned another decade, it is corny but true that one gains a certain wisdom as the years roll past.

I have learned there is nothing more humbling that receiving a gazillion birthday messages on Facebook. Family, friends, acquaintances, and little known friends of a friends suddenly popped up to wish me happy birthday out of the goodness of their heart. It only takes a minute to write a few words of well wishes, but when it is read over and over the cumulative effect was magnified to the tenth power, and I felt very grateful. 

I have learned that my daughter is now a young woman. I'm not sure when this invisible baton was passed in the tag team of life, but she's pursuing her dreams with gusto, and that's all I ever wanted. When she was a little girl I read somewhere that "Parents are big people helping little people be big people too." I succeeded.

And most of all I have learned I need to keep writing, writing, writing. Why? Because it makes me happy.



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