Plotting romantic comedies while delving into photography are two activities you don't see combined very often. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the duo is rare. I have discovered that my two favorite endeavors, writing romance and art photography, somehow combine nicely in ways I never would have expected. On the surface both seem like very different activities, but they are both creative processes, and one seems to fuel the other. 

Like a burden or a life quest, I was born with the desire to write. At a young age I told my teacher I wanted to write books. This 'knowing early on' seems to be common among many writers. I have read in authors' bios that they also knew from a young age they were meant to write. I feel I didn't find writing, it found me. I must do it or die. On the other hand, I chose photography as a hobby in my adult years, and to my surprise the hobby turned into a passion. I learned that traipsing around with my Nikon is good therapy. I am never in a bad mood after shooting a sunset. I always return home with a smile on my face. 

Interestingly, I learned photos often spark ideas for stories. I opened my eyes and realized love stories are all around me.So now I focus my lens and stay sharp. I never know when the next idea for a story is right there on my memory card.


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