In yesterday's post I mentioned photographs often spark a writer's imagination. I have first-hand experience with this concept, because it was after viewing a photograph that I launched an entire book series.

While on a boat tour of the Picture Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, I snapped a photo of the East Channel Lighthouse on Grand Island in Munising, Michigan. It was later, when I had returned home and was gazing at the photograph, that I became captivated. The lighthouse looked so lonely and vulnerable. I had to know more. 

A little investigation on Google, and I learned the East Channel Lighthouse has a fascinating history. Built in 1868, the lighthouse did it's part guiding sailing vessels on the Great Lakes for over a century, but years of erosion took their toll, and the lighthouse was in critical danger of eroding into Lake Superior until a local rescue committee was formed. Through private fund raising the lighthouse was restored to it's current condition.

My imagination rocketed, and soon I envisioned a fictitious lighthouse on a rocky point, an eccentric old lighthouse keeper who found buried treasure and moved it, and a whole town full of crazy characters. The story took on a life of it's own, and I envisioned my heroine and hero for this love story. WOLF EYE SLY, the first of my WOLF EYE LIGHTHOUSE SERIES, was born. 


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