Last night I went to the Manistee, Michigan, USA, to watch the sunset. Manistee is on the shores of Lake Michigan, and it has a picturesque lighthouse. After several days in a row of cool temperatures and rain, fickle Michigan weather had finally coughed up 70 degrees, and I was eager to enjoy a Great Lakes beach.

The skies were blue with barely a cloud, and in my experience clouds are usually what I need for sunset photography to have a lot of visual impact. But this sunset surprised me. The skies turned golden, and as the sun dropped below the horizon it was a massive red ball. Amber tones quickly morphed to reds, pinks, and purples. I snapped away, not wanting to miss a single Pure Michigan view.

It was later when I looked over the photos on my computer that I realized just what an array of colors this one sunset had. Who would believe the pastels pinks and blues of the final photos are the same location as the deep golden tones in the first?

And I knew, once again, this is why I am addicted to photography, for someone has to record these magic moments.



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