Love on the Beach


I didn't see it at first.

There I stood, high on a Lake Michigan bluff somewhere north of Saugatuk, Michigan, gazing out at a spectacular Great Lakes sunset. It was that magic moment that is the subject of countless forms of art and poetry. The weather was a perfect 70 degrees. The breeze was mild. 

I am a photographer and a romance novelist, so as I stood on that platform upon a massive dune my artistic side was taking in the larger picture. I scanned the horizon. There was blue sky and fresh water as far as I could see. I glanced up and down the pristine beach. There were many footprints in the sand, but miraculously I was alone.

I still did not see it.

Glad I had brought my Nikon, I snapped a few photos and began my descent down the stairway, intending to count the wooden steps but there were so many I soon lost count. I descended down to the next platform, and that's when I finally saw it.

Written in the sand, in huge letters, were the words, "I love you." The letters were facing the viewing platform, and all around the message were hundreds of footprints in the sand. It must have taken quite a bit of time and effort to carve out that heartfelt message. Who had written it, and for whom? Maybe it had been an engagement proposal?

My romance writer side was captivated, and soon I was imagining a heroine on the platform and a hero down on his knee. Of course she said "Yes," because who can resist love on the beach?



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