Picture Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan's Upper Peninsula has many waterfalls. One very popular waterfall located at the western portion of Picture Rocks is Munising Falls.

Munising Falls plunge 50 feet over a sandstone cliff into a shady canyon. The exposed rock of the cliff is crescent in shape and has colors that Picture Rocks are known for. Ferns and wildflowers decorate the trail leading to the falls. The picturesque location is romantic and is a popular site for weddings.

Water volume of Munising falls is most plentiful during spring thaw and late fall. In the summer months Munising Creek diminishes but does not completely dry up. During winter the falls freeze and form an ice column that is popular with ice climbers.

Munising Falls are located within the city limits of Munising, Michigan. From downtown Munising, head east on Highway H-58 and turn left on Sand Point Road. The parking lot to the falls is across the street from Munising Memorial Hospital.The short and well maintained walk is fully accessible to people with disabilities. Dogs are allowed. There are rustic hiking trails in multiple directions so there are opportunities to view the falls from various angles. Don't forget your camera! 

I'll never forget my first sight of this spectacular waterfall. I was astounded that this natural splendor existed inside city limits! I have returned many times to view the falls and the sight still takes my breath away.



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